Course Outcome

The outcomes expected of a candidate who has achieved Agile Tester certification are:

  1. Collaborate in a cross-functional Agile team being familiar with principles and basic practices of Agile software development.
  2. Adapt existing testing experience and knowledge to Agile values and principles.
  3. Support the Agile team in planning test-related activities.
  4. Apply relevant methods and techniques for testing in an Agile project.
  5. Assist the Agile team in test automation activities.
  6. Assist business stakeholders in defining understandable and testable user stories, scenarios, requirements and acceptance criteria as appropriate.
  7. Work and share information with other team members using effective communication styles and channels.
In general, a Certified Agile Tester is expected to have acquired the necessary skills to working effectively within an Agile team and environment.

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Before we begin...

    3. Introduction

    4. ISTQB Glossary

    1. 1.1.1 Agile Software Development and the Agile Manifesto

    2. 1.1.2 Whole-Team Approach & 1.1.3 Early and Frequent Feedback

    3. 1.2.1 Agile Software Development Approaches & 1.2.2 Collaborative User Story Creation

    4. 1.2.3 Retrospectives & 1.2.4 Continuous Integration & 1.2.5 Release and Iteration Planning

    5. Chapter 1 Quiz

    1. 2.1 The Differences between Testing in Traditional and Agile Approaches

    2. 2.2 Status of Testing in Agile Projects & 2.3 Role and Skills of a Tester in an Agile Team

    3. Chapter 2 Quiz

    1. 3.1 Agile Testing Methods

    2. 3.2 Assessing Quality Risks and Estimating Test Effort & 3.3 Techniques in Agile Projects Part 1

    3. 3.3 Techniques in Agile Projects Part 2

    4. 3.4 Tools in Agile Projects

    5. Chapter 3 Quiz

    1. Sample Exam

    2. Agile Tester Assignments

    1. Register for Certification Exam

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