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This course will present the general foundations of access control and some significant instantiations that have emerged as IT keeps spreading into new application areas. 

The course covers modes of user authentication and the way they are currently deployed, authentication protocols for the web, noting how new use cases have led to a shift from authentication to authorization protocols, and the formalization of authentication properties as used in today’s protocol analysis tools.

 On accountability, the focus is on the management and protection of audit logs.

This cyber security training is aimed at IT professionals, analysts, administrators, developers, and software tester who want to understand how to protect their organization from cyber attacks. 

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Before we begin...

    3. About this course

    4. Acronyms

    5. Glossary

    1. Access Control

    2. Core Concepts

    3. Type of Access Control

    4. Access Control Examples

    1. User Authentication

    2. Identification and Authentication

    3. Comparing the Three Authentication Types

    1. Authorization

    1. Access Control Case Studies

    1. Granting & Delegation

    2. Distributed Systems

    3. Access control in Distributed Systems

    4. Authentication in Distributed Systems

About this course

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