Build your career with ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Certification.

Learn the essentials skills required by Test Managers such as  estimation, monitoring and control, test documentation, and people skills. Employ practical risk-based approaches to meet project timelines without sacrificing software quality. Use metrics to improve the testing process. NOPMARK has partnered with Planit, an ISTQB accredited training provider, to offer this online training class. 

Recognized around the world as a best practice qualification, the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager certification is well suited for experienced testing professionals looking to move into a test management role.

Course Outcomes

  • Manage a testing project by implementing the mission, goals and testing processes
  • Organise and lead risk identification and risk analysis sessions and use the results of such sessions
  • Create and implement test plans consistent with organisational policies and test strategies
  • Continuously monitor and control the test activities to achieve project objectives
  • Assess and report relevant and timely test status to project stakeholders
  • Identify skills and resource gaps in their test team and participate in sourcing adequate resources
  • Identify and plan necessary skills development within their test team
  • Propose a business case for test activities which outlines the costs and benefits expected
  • Ensure proper communication within the test team and with other project stakeholders
  • Participate in and lead test process improvement initiatives

Course Chapters & Lessons

Testing Process
  •  Introduction 
  •  The Fundamental Test Process 
  •  Test Levels and Test Types 
  •  Test Planning, Monitoring and Control 
  •  Test Analysis 
  •  Test Design 
  •  Test Implementation 
  •  Test Execution 
  •  Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting 
  •  Test Closure Activities
Test Management 
  • Introduction
  • Test Management in Context 
  • Risk-Based Testing and Other Approaches for Test Prioritization and Effort Allocation 
  • Test Documentation and Other Work Products 
  • Project Risk Management 
  • Other Test Work Products 
  • Test Estimation 
  • Defining and Using Test Metrics 
  • Business Value of Testing 
  • Distributed, Outsourced, and Insourced Testing
  • Managing the Application of Industry Standards
  • Introduction 
  • Management Reviews and Audits 
  • Managing Reviews 
  • Metrics for Reviews 
  • Managing Formal Reviews

Defect Management 
  • Introduction 
  • The Defect Lifecycle and the Software Development Lifecycle 
  • Cross-Functional Defect Management 
  • Defect Report Information 
  • Assessing Process Capability with Defect Report Information 
Improving the Testing Process
  • Introduction
  • Test Improvement Process
  • Improving the Testing Process
  • Improving the Testing Process with TMMi
  • Improving the Testing Process with TPI Next
  • Improving the Testing Process with CTP
  • Improving the Testing Process with STEP
Test Tools and Automation
  • Introduction
  • Tool Selection
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Selection Process
  • Tool Lifecycle
  • Tool Metrics
People Skills – Team Composition
  • Introduction
  • Individual Skills
  • Test Team Dynamics
  • Fitting Testing Within an Organization
  • Motivation
  • Communication

Purchase of the eLearning course includes

  • Full 1 year of online access from date of purchase.

  • 35 hours duration

  • Includes mock exams

  • The ASTQB exam fee is not included with the tuition. Exam vouchers available for purchase during registration. $5 exam voucher discount available when enrolling in this course.

ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Training Course

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