Building a new Software QA team, in an Agile or other environment, can be a daunting task.  Do not just move people and process around with no real direction or goal. NOPMARK Consulting will define and create the optimal software QA team that fits your products, people, and culture. Support development flow with a robust QA Pipeline.

The quality of a product is highly impacted by the quality of the process used to develop and maintain it. NOPMARK's CMMI & Agile for Medical Device Development services consists of best practices from CMMI and Agile Methods that address development activities applied to medical device products and services. It addresses practices that cover the product’s lifecycle from conception through delivery and maintenance. 

Test Team & Quality System Refactoring


This program takes approximately 2 weeks to complete depending on your organization needs and the size and complexity of your products. NOPMARK reviews your processes, tools, and skills of your test team and makes detailed recommendations for improvement. The detailed findings of our report provide all the steps needed to plan and implement a successful testing practice.


FDA Quality System Solutions for Startups


We create a lean, tailored Quality System for startup medical device and healthcare companies. Our expertise provides a system that transparently integrates into your existing development processes with minimum administrative overhead.


V&V Creation


This Independent Verification & Validation program is for organizations with little to no testing and configuration management in place. NOPMARK analyzes your environment to create and document a test process. We lead the creation or expansion of the V&V team. Additionally we can transition your existing team through training to use our processes, methodologies, and tools.